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Welcome to International Women’s Day!

Take a minute and make a difference – some of my favorites (Nicaragua), Arzu (Afganistan), (Nepal), (Africa)

Is your vacation rental legal?

Is your vacation rental legal?

Fueled by the housing bust and embraced by cost-conscious, Web-savvy travelers, short-term vacation rentals have been booming from Manhattan to Maui. But so has controversy, as irate neighbors complain about the negative impact of transients and traditional lodgings say inconsistent local laws put them at a competitive disadvantage.

Now, a coalition of major players in the short-term (less than 30 consecutive days) rental market — Airbnb, FlipKey, HomeAway and TripAdvisor — have joined forces to influence cities’ attempts to regulate or ban the trend. Their new website, the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center, spotlights current legislation in 10 U.S. destinations. Though aimed primarily at policy makers and owners, it also lets would-be renters know the rules surrounding their stays.

Scams – yes they are real – protect yourself now!

I like to think the word is a nice happy place – but the reality is – it is not – bummer!

How can I protect myself?  Let’s start by asking a few more questions and second Never EVER – I mean Never EVER wire money before you arrive in a furnished corporate rental – and NEVER send a security deposit – ask for traveler’s insurance instead!

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