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We are proud to work with incredible partners who are answering the call.

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This year marks the 21st anniversary of AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., an award winning Colorado based business that has shown staying power by finding real estate and lodging solutions for customers in the economic ups and downs of the last 20 years. Founded on the principles of service, quality and choice, AvenueWest Global Franchise now has 16 local real estate franchise brokerages and just launched AvenueWest Canada to further its North American expansion.


To Relocate or Not? Use Furnished Rentals at Both Ends :)

Q. How can you minimize the risks, both financial and personal, of moving for the sake of a job?

A. Temporarily renting a house or apartment in the new area while renting out your existing house, if you own one, is one way to do that, Ms. Ranieri says. It lowers your financial risk and gives you time to learn about the job and the new city before making a long-term commitment. “You can’t really know everything about it until you are living and working there,” she says.

Get back in the real estate corporate housing market NOW!

Really?  Yes!  I get this question every day – of course you can wait but real estate is all about margins so now is about as big as you are going to find.


I just got back from the 2012 Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council) meeting in San Antonio and the US Advisory Council has a positive outlook on corporate relocation needs for the year and according to the annual Corporate Housing Providers Association Annual Report the largest user of corporate housing is relocation.


Real Estate is stable, mortgage rates are really low and new FHA and other mortgage policies will allow you to buy and refinance real estate at much lower rates.

REAL Estate + Furniture + Service = Corporate Housing

What is the biggest mistake people make when they move?

The number one mistake is that people move and relocate to a new location and they hurry up and buy something without first getting to know the community and understanding where they want to live long-term. Too many people rush to buy when they should rent for a few months to a year and get to know a city first before committing. If you commit to a home too soon, you may not be happy with the location, commute, schools, etc and then in today’s housing market, it’s near impossible to sell your property quickly and for-profit. You’ll be stuck and you’ll be sorry!

Don’t just buy and sell real estate – rent furnished until the property and timing it right!

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